Dynodaze Performance Parts High Quality Performance Car Parts.

Dynodaze Performance Parts Honda & Mitsubishi Specialist. With our wealth of knowledge and connections within the tuning and parts industry we can seek out and research parts for your car. Leaving you to simply drive it and enjoy.

Now well established and with a large list of suppliers we can provide parts for any make and model of car. So from your Civic Eg all the way up to A Supercharged FN2 Civic and Beyond. No car is too small no BHP is too big.

Dynodaze Performance Parts offers Rolling Road Power run Dyno services and Remapping! ECU Remapping starts at just £249. Please get in touch for further details.

As ever we are still enthusiastic about your car. Your pride and joy deserves respect and that’s what we aim to show you. After all, we love our cars as well. It’s a job but we still enjoy every moment of it. Give us a call and have a chat you will see we’re interested and helpful.

A key to Dynodaze Performance Parts success is only selling parts that we believe in. We have tried and tested every Brand we carry. If it’s not good enough for our personal cars (mostly hondas) it’s not good enough for you. We all have the same goal, the quest for BHP and Torque or that mesmerising slick motor we dream of. Let’s make it happen!

Your new type of auto tuning dealer

Our website has been designed to be used as a portal for our many varied customers. On this very page you can log into your e-shop account and review our latest brands. Dynodaze Performance Parts provides quality auto tuning parts. The best brands at amazing prices! Dynodaze Performance Parts takes away the trouble of having to go to search for the best performance parts for your car.

We act as your agent

We will help you find the parts you need, we get the best deals due to our well established connections within the tuning and automotive industry.

We know exactly what you need

We host an amazing list of performance parts, at low prices all under one roof.

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