Uncle Keith’s Paintshop

Welcome to Uncle Keiths Paintshop at Dynodaze. It’s here were we can transform the look of your ride or rectify any defects. We use state of the Art systems to ensure a show stopping finish always. Using the Syrox water based paint system with digital camering we can ensure perfect colour match everytime. Only using the very best materials and paint we have secured our place in the industry thanks to our Outstanding Results. We are also leading the way in the cost effective Liquid Wrap Technology from Fulldip. A simply stunning product when applied by a specialist with high skill levels like Keith.

Toyota Supra Full Respray


White Toyota Supra Respray

Candy Red Toyota Supra Liquid Wrap

Candy Red Toyota Supra Liquid Wrap

Orange Mitsubishi Colt Ralliart Liquid Wrap

Honda Civic Fn2 TypeR HyperShift Liquid Wrap

VW Golf Midnight Purple Liquid Wrap

Seat Leon HyperShift Liquid Wrap