Dynodaze was set up to offer a unique service to the car enthusiast world. Power runs with no hassel. We’ve all been to a rolling road day where we were promised it would be a certain price if enough people turned up. Unfortunately we all know people drop out and we all end up paying over the odds. Well not at Dynodaze ltd. At Dynodaze Ltd its £30 per car everytime. Whether you turn up on your own or with an owners club. We know our price is great value for money. x2 Power runs and a full colour print out of your best run for just £30 is such good value for money.

We can also provide AFR monitoring services with full colour printouts for an additional £10 fee

We can Plot Boost on a graph for you and monitor against RPM for an additional £10 fee

Excellent value for money and we are happy we can save your hard earned cash for your modifications!

Its for this reason we have customers come back time and time again. So come down and see us, have fun, hangout and see what its all about. We are pretty sure when you leave you will be wanting to book your owners club in for a Sunday.

Take a look at the video below to see Dynodaze in action:



Services we offer at Dynodaze

Garage Work
Custom Upgrades
New Parts Etc
2WD Rolling Road
Club Events
Mot work
After market parts
Performance remapping
Economy remapping
Custom engine builds
Engine conversions
All manner of modifications

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Power runs with no hassel
Dynodaze Power Runs
Dynodaze Power Runs
Dynodaze Power Runs
Dynodaze Power Runs
Power runs with no hassel
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